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•Corporate Office: 13791 Roswell Ave. Ste. A, Chino, CA 91710
•Phones: (909) 591-4700 •(562) 633-2121 •(714) 630-2020  
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Mission Statement

To build, market and sell new and used manufactured homes; not mobile homes, trailers or coaches, but beautiful, well-built homes that our customers as well as the communities, that we build them in, can be proud of. To squelch the negative stereotypes that have for far too long been tied to our product, as well as the beautiful and safe parks that we sell them in. And last, but not least, in a marketplace that has watched   home prices soar, allow each and every Californian to realize the American dream, owning their own home.


                                 David Franzoni - Agent                        

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